3 Tips To Market An Online Course

In the past few months, we have seen a rapid rise in the number of online courses that are now available to consumers. As we are now forced indoors, thanks to the global emergency, more and more people are inclining towards using the time on their hands productively and thus, engaging with various online courses that aid them in upskilling.

It is important that you offer your customers a user-friendly experience. This is where remarkable digital tools, such as a learning management system can be of great help. This tool not only makes it easier for you to create a course but also offers features that can make your course stand out. Moreover, the several pricing models that they have keep the tool well under budget.

For instance, the Absorb LMS pricing model is subscription-based and also offers a free trial. This can help you finalize your decision about investing in this software once your trial version is over.

Apart from offering a user-friendly course and establishing yourself as an expert in the field of your course, it is also important to ensure your visibility among your prospective customers.

To enhance your visibility, it is of utmost importance that you have an effective marketing strategy in place. In order to develop an effective marketing strategy, you first need to identify the goals and outcomes that you are expecting from it.

In this article, you can read about more of such tips that you can keep in mind to make sure that your online course is marketed successfully among your target audience.

Tips to market your online course

  • Develop and optimize your website
    • Today, it is important for you to have your website if you wish to increase the sales of your online course. It is through a website that you can funnel traffic towards the course that you are offering. A website that is well-optimised helps to increase the visibility of your course as it would be the first thing that appears when your prospects will search for your field.
    • Make sure the content on your website is short, concise, and aligns with the necessary guidelines that are established by the search engine results. Ensure that you have a compelling CTA added to your website.
  • Work on your social media presence
    • In the present times, establishing and maintaining a social media presence has gained importance. Social media is perhaps the best way to engage with your prospects. There are several social media platforms that you can leverage in today’s world. Each of these platforms have their own features and benefits, thus it is often suggested that you make a minimum of two accounts to market your product or in this case, your online course.
    • Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat are just a few examples of social media platforms that you can use. While Facebook is ideal to promote blog posts, special events, and to set up your business page, Instagram is more about showcasing creativity and connecting with a highly engaged community of people.
  • Engage in guest posting
    • Guest posting is one of the most effective marketing strategies where you can leverage audiences of your host. Guest post is an article that you write to publish on someone else’s website. It might seem like you are writing an article for free for someone, but the main objective is to attract more eyes towards what you have to offer.
    • In return of an article, your publisher will allow you to add your links to the post, such as the links to your social media handles or your website blogs. Moreover, you can also indulge in conversations with the audience that are commenting and engaging with your posts.


Your work does not end at just creating an online course. Your online course would not matter if it does not reach the right set of audience. Hence, it is important to not only offer a remarkable experience to your prospects but also engage in various marketing tactics that will make your offering stand out and preferred by the prospects.