The Most Common Compliance Training Challenges And How You Can Overcome Them

Life in a regulated industry is not easy, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee.

As business environments become more volatile and dynamic than ever before, compliance regulations are evolving constantly and the scrutiny by stakeholders and regulatory organisations is becoming more vigilant every day.

In such a scenario, your compliance training initiatives cannot be anything less than excellent. The training experience should be designed with one focus- retention.

However, we all know that delivering an impactful and engaging compliance training experience that ensures ample retention and comprehension is easier said than done.

Here are a few challenges associated with delivering effective compliance training:

Lack Of Motivation

Lack of motivation is perhaps the most commonly recognized challenge with compliance training.

It’s not hard to imagine why employees are not interested in sitting through hours of sessions of an instructor shouting compliance requirements at them. It’s even easier to imagine why some employees absolutely dread sitting through such sessions every few months.

With that said, this disinterest can quickly become an expensive compliance penalty as it adversely affects the retention of the training instructions and information.

Here are a couple of ways you can motivate your employees to show interest and pay attention to compliance training:

  • Communicate the relevance of compliance training to their job responsibilities. When an employee will be able to understand how compliance training will benefit them, their attitude towards compulsory training is more likely to positively change.
  • Use gamification elements (point systems, levels, challenges) or game-based learning to make training more engaging and interesting. Gamification will also enable you to add an element of healthy competition to your training experience, further motivating your employees to take the training more seriously.

Information Overload

As mentioned earlier, most compliance training sessions consist of an instructor reading out the compliance rules and regulations to the learners/employees.

Sitting through hours of training can easily cause information overload which can adversely affect comprehension and retention.

Moreover, such training sessions can cause fatigue. This means, if you are holding training sessions during paid employee hours, chances are that your 2 hour training session will also adversely affect the employees’ productivity for the rest of the day.

To overcome this challenge, you can employ a technique called microlearning. As the name suggests, microlearning is the practice of breaking down large pieces of information into smaller ones.

This means, instead of having your employees sit through hours of training, convert the training material into smaller, bite-sized and focused pieces of information.

Microlearning is scientifically proven to have positive effects on retention and comprehension and has been a popular training technique for quite some time now.

Frequent Changes In Compliance Requirements

Frequent updates on compliance requirements present two challenges:

  • Keeping up and timely updating training material: Keeping up with changing compliance requirements can be a challenge when you are trying to run a business.
  • Motivating employees to attend unforeseen training sessions: With unexpected changes to compliance, sometimes training has to happen without notice and when motivating employees for periodical training sessions is a challenge, it is not difficult to imagine why it would be a challenge here.

Both these challenges can be overcome by either dedicating a team of employee training experts for your compliance training needs or partnering with a professional training partner (outsourcing training).

In both the cases, you get a dedicated set of resources that keeps track of compliance requirement changes and updates training content accordingly. Similarly, learning and development professionals will also be responsible for solutions that make this kind of compliance training more interesting for employees.


These were the most common compliance training challenges and our suggestions of ways you can overcome them. Have you faced these challenges at your organisation? How did you overcome them? Share with us in the comment section below.