Juul Device vs Eonsmoke Device first look

As the Apple of the e-cig industry, PAX Labs are renowned for their ingenuity in designing products. The JUUL device is not an exception as it provides a sleek, refreshing design so different from other e-cigarettes before it. With a square-ish design, it can be construed as a long USB flash drive to the uninitiated. But for me, it is great to handle as it gives me the feeling of holding a cigarette just like before. So with that, we are going to do a Juul Device vs Eonsmoke device review to take a closer look on the pros and cons of each device to smokers like me who are aiming to quit traditional smoking.

JUUL Device Review

The JUUL vaping kit comes with four flavor pods, a slim vaping device and a USB charger. I’ve been using it for almost a year and for someone like me who had tried to stop smoking several times before, the JUUL is helping me a lot stay out of it this time.

I also like the feel of actual tobacco in each pod regardless of the flavor. This is because PAX had done considerable research first before putting this product on the market. They studied how traditional cigarettes give that taste and feel of tobacco to their users so they developed natural tobacco salts to use in the JUUL pods. This what gives me the feeling of smoking and inhaling an actual cigarette minus the high amount of nicotine.

However, what I don’t like most about the JUUL is the inconsistency of its battery life. There was one time when I woke up in the morning and wanted to puff right away only to find that the JUUL was not charging the whole night. That was a real bummer for me because I was still starting to quit smoking and I badly wanted not to be tempted to smoke an actual cig.

The charger has clogged on me several times and it’s not a good experience at all. There’s also the issue on looking for JUUL pods especially when I run out of it in urban areas- there aren’t just as many dealers out there and of course, ordering online would take a day when I want to vape right there and then.

Eonsmoke Device Review – What I discovered

This is the reason why I searched for other vape brands and found Eonsmoke online. I ordered their starter kit and was surprised that there are many flavors to choose from, not just 4 or 5, but a whole lot more! I haven’t tried their mix and match option (yes, they do provide different flavors that we can customize) but I’ve tried 7 flavors so far and the coolest one I’ve tasted so far is the Eonsmoke Mint.

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