Bitcoin Cash to be listed for trading by Huobi, BTCC

Bitcoin Cash

Huobi, one of world’s biggest bitcoin exchanges, has confirmed they will list the new cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCC) for trading on their exchange.

As of August 1 20:20 [China time], Huobi has frozen bitcoin accounts and once the fork is successful will give out all bitcoin holders an equal amount of BCC. Once that process is done, they will list BCC for trading alongside BTC. The exchange expects there to be high price volatility for the first few hours.

BTCC, another bitcoin exchange, has already listed Bitcoin Cash on their interface. While trading might not commence until people have BCC in their wallets, it is an indication that BTCC will be supporting the new cryptocurrency.

With Huobi and BTCC supporting BCC, the list of exchanges that support BCC has increased. The list already contains the likes of Kraken, Bithumb, ViaBTC, OKCoin, and several others. Initially thought to be not so attractive, BCC has garnered a lot of takers and this quick uptake of BCC has taken some by surprise.

Joining exchanges are a number of third-party wallet providers as well. Some of the wallet providers include BitcoinABC, BitcoinClassic, Ledger, Trezor, Freewallet,, BitcoinUnlimited, among others.

Prior to the fork today, some said it would take months or even years before the hard fork could be executed, but that’s something that has proved wrong with Bitcoin Cash doing it in just over a week.

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