Global Carborundum Market Led by North America & Dominated by Black & Green Carborundum Aids 90% Shares

Carborundum Market

Carborundum is a chemical compound of carbon and silicon with the chemical formula of CSi is also known as Silicon Carbide (Sic). Carborundum is also one of the extremely rare mineral moissanite. Carborundum has various applications in various industries including automobile, electronics, and steel.

Global Carborundum Market Report: Top Key Players

This market has various industries around the globe who produce as well as distribute the Carborundum. These are: Gaddis Engineered Materials,ESK-SIC GmbH,ESD-SIC,AGSCO Corporation,Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Company Limited,The Dow Chemical Company,Timcal Ltd,Grindwell Norton Ltd,Saint-Gobain Ceramics Materials GmbH,Entegris Inc,Snam Abrasives Pvt Ltd,Norstel AB,Carborundum Universal Ltd.

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This market has seen tremendous growth in past few years as these industries are growing and expected to grow with CAGR of more than 15% in the forecasted period. In the market of Carborundum, black and green Carborundum (silicon carbide) dominates the market with more than 90% of market share. Globally Asia pacific is leading the market of Carborundum with market share of more than 50% and expected to lead the market share in the forecasted period due to the advancement of technologies and economic development.

Global Carborundum Market Report: Market Influencer

The major factors which are driving the market of Carborundum are technological advancement, and key developments in different industries. Carborundum has various uses in growing industries like- medical & healthcare, chemicals, aerospace & aviation, steel & energy and most important electronics and semiconductors which are growing with the rapid pace. As these industries are growing with their factors, it is creating high demand for the Carborundum resulting more companies are coming in this segment and existing companies are diversifying their product line.

Global Carborundum Market Report: Market Segmentation

Global Carborundum market report has been segmented on various categories. These include types of Carborundum, applications and on the basis of geography.

On the basis of types Carborundum has been segmented as:

  1. Black SiC,
  2. Green SiC,
  3. Others which includes- metallurgical SiC, Coated SiC, SiC micro grit, refractory SiC.

On the basis of application the global Carborundum market report has been segmented into-

  1. Electronics & semiconductors,
  2. Aerospace & aviation,
  3. Medical & healthcare,
  4. Automotive,
  5. Steel & energy and
  6. Others which includes fabrications chemicals Jewelry etc

On the basis of geography, this report covers the detailed analysis of Asia-Pacific, Europe, Americas and MEA.

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Scope of the Report

This market research report covers the Global Carborundum Market research report on the basis of country analysis:

By Geography

  1. Americas
  2. Europe
  3. Asia – Pacific
  4. Middle East & Africa

Global Carborundum Market Report: Regional Analysis

Asia-Pacific is dominating the Carborundum market with market share of more than 50% followed by the Americas Europe and MEA. Countries existing in the Asia-Pacific are in the developing phase and also Asia-Pacific holds 61% of global population. The industries which are listed above have tremendous growth in this region as in term of demand and supply for various products and this is the region why Carborundum market has enormous opportunity in this region.


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