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Ruben has been creating and managing content for over a decade. He has extensive experience developing marketing, corporate communications and public relations materials in a variety of fields including finance, banking, human resources, tourism, education, and NGO administration. His specialty is making sense of the complexities of large companies. Email: ruben@heraldkeeper.com

Medical Advancement: A New Medicine May Arouse Immune System to Combat Blood Cancer 

A team of international scientists has formulated an experimental drug that may help to combat blood cancer. The new drug, by stimulating the immune...

Poor Learning Of Safety Stimulus Repress OCD Patients Capacity to Overcome Uncontrollable Behaviour: Study

People, suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) struggle more to prevail over their repetitious urges, thanks to an inability of the brain to learn what...

Reduced Efficacy of Antibiotics Is Attributable To Air Pollution: Suggests New Study

Black carbon - a major component of air pollution can accelerate the resistive power of bacteria to antibiotics which can trigger respiratory disease, suggests...

Intake of Vitamin D alongside Specific Dairy Foods Can Stimulate Older Adult’s Bone Health

Bone is the strength of the body. But the wellness of bone has always been overlooked by people. Most of the people think that...

Observing Changes in Population Structures Can Help Scientists Weigh Up Prospects of Human Vulnerability:...

Researches carried out for understanding the prospects of climate change thoroughly, need to drive them more focus towards the structure of the population, while...

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