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Olivia has a Bachelor in Journalism from Utrecht (the Netherlands). She did an internship with a local media company and eventually ended up being a founding member of Herald Keeper. Email: olivia@heraldkeeper.com

China Soon To Launch Rockets from Aircraft: Confirms a Senior Chinese Official 

If reports are to be believed, China is developing rockets which will be launched from aircraft – a technological breakthrough which may empower Chinese...
The central region of a rich galaxy cluster about 250 million light years from Earth.

NASA’s Hubble Clicks Supermassive Hybrid Galaxy at Pisces-Perseus Supercluster Region

Hubble Space Telescope has relayed back a new image this week which is clearly showcasing a new galaxy, with unbelievable mass. Named as UGC...

NASA’s MAVEN Spacecraft Take Rare Evasive Manoeuvre to Avoid Crash with Martian Moon Phobos

NASA’s MAVEN Spacecraft, which is studying Mars’ atmosphere, water source, origin and other details since more than two years has changed its usual orbital...

Scientists Confirm the 4.3-Billion-Years-Old Canadian Microfossil to Be Earth’s Oldest Life Evidence

Life on earth has always been the source of mystery for the scientists. Thus far, a number of researches and experiments have been conducted...

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