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Olivia has a Bachelor in Journalism from Utrecht (the Netherlands). She did an internship with a local media company and eventually ended up being a founding member of Herald Keeper. Email: olivia@heraldkeeper.com

Biofuels Can Engrave Carbon Particle Emissions By As 70%: Confirms NASA

Addition biofuels in with the fuels used in the jet from fossil sources can reduce the emission of carbon particles by 50 to 70%,...

Great Barrier Reef Will Never Convalesce From Warming-Driven Coral Bleaching: Warns New Study

Climate change is impacting on various parts of the world, and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is one of the most affected areas. Last year’s...

Eyes of Fish Can Re-Grow Retina & Cure Blindness: Suggests New Study

A new experiment, conducted on Zebrafish has paved new paths for re-growing retina and curing the blindness of human being! Regardless of tremendous advancement of...

MRI Scans Can Track Down HIV in Brain: Suggests New Study  

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI scans, which uses intense magnetic fields and radio rays to turn out detailed images of the inside parts of...

Ancient DNA Study Confirms India to Accommodate Ostriches 25000 Years Ago

Ostriches, the largest and heaviest flightless birds, which are believed to be exclusive-native to Africa, was also found in India some 25,000 years ago,...

Bogoslof Volcano Blows Up Again; Send-Off Biggest Cloud to Date

Volcanic activities across the world have always been an intriguing subject for scientists. Over the year numerous volcanic events have been recorded in different...

Kepler Telescope Transmits New Intriguing Information about TRAPPIST-1

Earlier this Year, a team of scientists including those from the European Southern Observatory and NASA’s Spitzer telescope team declared that TRAPPIST-1, a star...

Mars Mineralogy Suggests Red Planet Be More Flushed With Water than Previous Credence

Martian surface, atmosphere, and character have been intriguing for scientists and researchers worldwide are trying really hard to decode the Martian mystery. In a...

China Soon To Launch Rockets from Aircraft: Confirms a Senior Chinese Official 

If reports are to be believed, China is developing rockets which will be launched from aircraft – a technological breakthrough which may empower Chinese...

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