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Olivia has a Bachelor in Journalism from Utrecht (the Netherlands). She did an internship with a local media company and eventually ended up being a founding member of Herald Keeper. Email: olivia@heraldkeeper.com
CERN Particle having Double Dose of Charm

Physicists at CERN identifies a Particle having Double Dose of Charm

CERN physicists have recently reported that there was a presence of a particle in the flying debris out due to the proton collisions at...

Satellites watch as the giant iceberg tends to cracking

Antarctica’s Larson C ice shelf is tending closer to cracking and it will take the form of being one of the biggest icebergs till...
cancer treatment

Personalized cancer ‘vaccine’ trial results look promising

Small-scale trials of two experimental treatments for skin cancer that have been tailored to target a particular patient's tumours have proved safe with results...
security, cyber attack, hacking

Prevent ransomware attacks or they will cripple your business

Businesses are the worst it when it comes to ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya with estimates stating that as many as 200,000 systems...
security, hacking, vulnerabilities

As Microsoft strengthens Windows security, Mac OS and Linux see increased attacks

Windows operating system is becoming more secure as compared to previous years and as that happens, more and more attacks and malware are being...

Beijing should support Sikkim’s independence says Chinese daily

Adding more fuel to the already tensed situation between China and India is a Chinese daily that has not only accused India of oppressing...
Donald Trump

Donald Trump says Russia ‘could have’ interfered with US elections

It turns out that US President Donald Trump has actually accepted that Russia may have interfered in the 2016 election that saw him defeat...

Spacewalkers Misplace ISS Shields’ Vital Part & Now It Is Randomly Soaring In Space

The duo of astronauts from NASA, while conducting the record-breaking spacewalk on Thursday, faced some unforeseen setbacks, which left both astronauts and the agency...

NASA’s New Stopwatch Can Measure a Fraction of a Billionth of a Second

Sunlight takes nearly 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach earth, and this is truly not a matter of joke. Because of its astonishing...

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